Welcome to the latest of my Security Bytes posts, where I dig into areas of interest in Infosec/CyberSec, and offer my opinion. In my last post, I talked at a high level about the history of computers and privileged access. In this post, I want to get into a term you may hear a lot of if you work in Information Security, CyberSecurity or any Technology Risk role - Least Privilege.

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This post is the first in a series of posts on the challenges of balancing privileged access with a robust security posture and a challenging delivery pipeline. It is also the first of my Security Bytes posts, where I dig into areas of interest in Information Security/Cyber Security, and offer my opinion. If you’ve known me for a while you’ll know I’ve only worked in an InfoSec/CyberSec role for just over two years.

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In my last post, Azure Functions - Securing resources with a function proxy, I talked about my work to develop a more Azure-centric solution to replace my current home security camera automation workflow.

Another link in the chain for me was to be able to serve up a webpage blob from my container whilst keeping the Container Access Policy set to Private.

The function proxy in the previous post enabled that, but I also then needed the webpage to be able to retrieve the video/image blobs uploaded to display them.

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