Intro In my first post in my Raspberry Pi NAS series, I mentioned I had issues with my external hard drives and had to buy an external (powered) USB hub, but I didn’t elaborate further. What’s The Issue? Among the many changes from its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi 4 now uses USB-C as its power supply rather than MicroUSB. One downside of that? Maximum power draw of 1.2A… What problems did that cause?

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Intro In my last post, I walked you through the basic setup and Operating System install of a Raspberry Pi. Now lets move onto making it a NAS/Media Centre device. I actually went down 2 different paths - initially I went with OpenMediaVault and reverted to a my previous setup when I encountered issues with my HDDs that I incorrectly blamed OMV for - so I will also do a post on both the issues experienced and how to do this without OMV.

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Intro I recently replaced my Raspberry Pi 3B+ NAS/Media Centre with a Raspberry Pi 4B+ and it occurred to me that others may want to do likewise, so here goes. Why a Raspberry Pi? In truth theres a few reasons: When I first done this on my Raspberry Pi 3B, I was frustrated by limitations (lack of features, customisation) of my Western Digital WD MyBook Live Minimal cost To see how viable it was My experience with my previous NASPi is that it is more than capable for my needs, which I can summarise as:

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