My Background I am a lifelong technology enthusiast, having worked in Financial Services IT for more than 20 years, across multiple disciplines including: Unisys MCP-based mainframe platforms (A17/A19/HMP NX 6800/Libra 180/Libra 6xx/Libra 890) EMC Symmetrix storage arrays (DMX 3/4 and most recently VMAX) including experience of SRDF(S), SRDF(A), BCV Windows Server (2000 through 2012) Various Linux/Unix OSes (HP-UX/RHEL/Centos) including experience of GFS/GFS2 SAN storage clustering Virtual Tape Server technology (B&L/Crossroads/ETI Net SPHiNX, TSM) Automation/Scripting (PowerShell, NT Batch, DOS, Bash, OPAL) Security (Privileged Access Management, Encryption, Password Management) Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (Design/Implementation/Operations) I’ve been involved in and led major projects including mainframe infrastructure/network/storage design and implementation, mainframe integration with Windows Server and Linux/Unix, transatlantic datacentre migration (swing) and local data centre migration (lift and shift).

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