In my last post, I mentioned that I’d hit a little snag when I was migrating my live site over to my new architecture. When I built my test site it always used a subdomain ( so I never had any issue with DNS. However, when I migrated my live site over, I had built it with a subdomain for testing ( whilst the live site on WebApp/Grav still used the naked domain (cirriustech.

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New site now live!

Much later than planned, I’ve completed the cutover to my new Hugo static site in production, as written about in my last post. A number of factors delayed it. Mostly private, which I won’t go into here, but also some technical ones too that I put aside for a while due to the above. Having now resolved them (more on that in an upcoming blog post), the site is now live, with the only other changes from those listed in the previous post being as follows:

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Say Hello World to Hugo!

In my recent posts, I spent a lot of time talking about Hugo and Static Websites in Azure. I’ve now finished converting the content from this existing blog over to Hugo, underpinned by: Azure Static Websites Azure Storage Azure DevOps Azure Functions Cloudflare CDN It’s now available to preview at - go give it a try! I’ll likely be moving the root domain over to the new site within the next week.

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A few weeks ago I commented on a request from Jack Tracey for speakers at the Open Mic Night of the August 2019 Sussex Azure User Group - with the idea being to share your stories of mistakes you’ve made that have led to P1 incidents. I flippantly said I had plenty of stories but wouldn’t be able to travel down to Brighton for the meetup - and Jack asked if I could record something or do something remotely on the night.

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My Background I am a lifelong technology enthusiast, having worked in Financial Services IT for more than 20 years, across multiple disciplines including: - Unisys MCP-based mainframe platforms (A17/A19/HMP NX 6800/Libra 180/Libra 6xx/Libra 890) - EMC Symmetrix storage arrays (DMX 3⁄4 and most recently VMAX) including experience of SRDF(S), SRDF(A), BCV - Windows Server (2000 through 2012) - Various Linux/Unix OSes (HP-UX/RHEL/Centos) including experience of GFS/GFS2 SAN storage clustering - Virtual Tape Server technology (B&L/Crossroads/ETI Net SPHiNX, TSM) - Automation/Scripting (PowerShell, NT Batch, DOS, Bash, OPAL) - Security (Privileged Access Management, Encryption, Password Management) - Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (Design/Implementation/Operations)

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